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Ten Things To Consider While Finalising A Beach-Side Venue For Your Event

Wedding Styled, Planned & Executed By Nupur DesaiTaj Holiday Village, Goa, India We all want a great venue to host a celebratory event, or even an official soiree. And if the venue is alongside a beach, a lot of us are even willing to compromise on certain set-up ideas. Don’t. While there are several challenges... Continue Reading →

The Holy Trinity – Ajmer & Pushkar

I am not referring to the Holy Trinity of any specific religion, and there is one for most, but to three distinct shrines/ places of pilgrimage for followers of Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism respectively. India’s largest state by area, Rajasthan, literally ‘Land of Kings’ has always been best known for its royalty, palaces, food and culture. With... Continue Reading →

Weekend In Singapore

Much like Dubai, I had never been excited enough to visit Singapore, although I knew I'd like to make trip there someday. Most people that visited it spoke wonderfully about the quality of life, the food, and of course the shopping. However, as a traveller none of those mattered, except for the food of course.... Continue Reading →

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