Mushroom Omelette

Breakfast favourites.



1 chopped onion

2-3 chopped chillies

8-10 bottom mushrooms, sliced

Mixed herbs (thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano)

Chopped coriander (optional)

1/6 teaspoon pepper

Salt to taste

Oil for light frying


Heat oil in a pan and add the onions & chillies and sauté them on medium flame for about a minute.

Add the sliced mushrooms and continue sautéing.

Once the mushrooms being to get slightly softer, add the herbs.

Cook for half a minute and spread the mix all over the pan, evenly.

Pour an eggs that’s been whisked along with some coriander (options), salt and pepper. Cover the pan and let it cook for a minute.

Open the lid to find a fluffy omelette. Flip it over and let it cook for another minute.

Enjoy hot with buttered toast.

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