Italian Cooking In Bali

On a recent solo trip to Bali, an opportunity to learn authentic Italian fare presented itself to me, which I grabbed without batting an eyelid. Chef Luigi, who owns Zibiru, a high-end Italian restaurant with the most happy and fresh vibe, has lived in Bali for over a decade now. Along with his head chef, Andrea, Luigi set out the perfect and exclusive open kitchen on a sunny morning in Bali’s most stylish and uptown area, Seminyak.

What followed was a session that started with the basics – kneading dough and making pasta! Yep, hand-crafted pasta in various shapes made from scratch with love and a lot of patience. The restaurant itself uses about a thousand kilos worth of flour each day to make fresh pasta along with all the sauces, and the best time to visit is only when you have a reservation.

Scroll down for a quick ingredients check that you too can toss together to make a delicious Italian feast.


Seminyak offers a variety of upscale fashion and lifestyle stores along with an array of cafes offering global cuisine. While it tends to be less crowded when compared to other Bali favourites like Ubud owning to its steep prices, a two-day visit here should be on every travellers wish-list.

Flour 00, 300g
Eggs, 3 (medium size)
Flour 00, 300g
Water, 150ml

Basil leaves, 50g
Garlic, 10g
Extravirgin Olive Oil, 40ml
Parmigiano, 20g
Pine nuts, 10g
Salt, 5g
Potatoes, 20g
Green beans, 20g
To make stracciatella:
Mozzarella fior di latte, 90g
Heavy cream, 20ml
Cherry tomatoes, 100g
Basil, 10g
Garlic, 10g
Extravirgin Olive Oil, 20ml
Salt, 5g

GRAZIE! Buon appetito!

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